Monday, 2 July 2018

Sharing my mihi

When i stand up in front of my class. and i was so confidence and i was so excited. When i stood up in front of my class my class were looking at me . as i said my mihi i was so proud at mysale when i said e tu my class stan up and we did a waiata. when the waiata was finies then i sat down on the mat and i was prund at mysale.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

olly new bike

I wailed because my mum wont buy me a new bike at the shop.
He grinned to his mum .
When he eat the cake he seid yum seid olly
Olly was so happy at the neighbour because the neighbor fixed olly bike
Olly was so impressed at the neighbour
Olly nodded at the nextdoor neighbour

Draw a picture of your dream bike in Pixlr and insert it below.

Write a paragraph describing your bike, its colour, wheels, handlebars, seat and any special feature you added. Post your picture and Paragraph on your blog.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Whale and Lizard

Once upon a time. there lived a whale and a Lizard how always plays in the water when they saw a giant pirate ship in the way they said lis go in the pritshep and look for the terac said the lizard. When they saw one theca they seid one percent go out then the whale went out because he couldn't fit in the port shep then the lizard look for the teacher .when he said look their a carb in the way seid the lizard .then the whale brock the port shep and said come on my back said the whale and they went to short . then the seid lis do it again but the whale seid we can't go back to the port shep said the whale i just broke it said the whale Then the lizard left him because

hale then the lizard said i'm sorry that i left you whale when they saw a giant fish on the sand when whale tard to push the giant seafish but the giant seafish was to hade to push it when the lizard went to look for help but their were no waone to look .for the lizard went to rhode he saw one prent in his car when the pricen come to the parking line then the lizard went to him to tle him that a seafish on the sand. Then the pricen went down to the daech to push the seafish. When he look at the seafish it was gaint then me so he went to tale the pipe to push the giant fish then they push the giant seafish then the giant seafish was back in the ocean then the piplo had fun at the Beach and had babkel and they wimed and some pipol did not siwm . because they did not no how to siwm and suuf and the lizbard said to the whale sod we go do a muno said the lizard then the whale said yes lis go and do a muno said the whale when the lizard and the whale went to do a muno . when the lizard was to litte to jump then way did you said to do a muno said whale but lizard sai to the whale then you go and do it said the lizard.