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Pacific Islanders in

WALT use descriptive language to add detail

A group of soldiers from New Zealand and Australia went to fight in the war. They were known as the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Some Pacific Islanders went to war too.

Task 1: Watch the videos about the Pacific Islanders who went to war.

Task 2:

Choose a Pacific Island:
Cook Islands

Research your chosen Island and write some vocabulary about it:

Task 3: Pretend you are someone from your chosen Pacific Island who has
volunteered to serve in World War 1. Write a letter to someone back home.
  • What do you miss from home? [Research your Island for this]
  • What is your job?
  • Where are you and how did you get there?
  • What do you smell, hear, see, touch, taste?
  • When will you be home?

 hi my name is tevita and I am from tonga and I signed up to be a army and In
have been training at tonga and I am 18years old and I am fast and I like to
be a shooter because I know how to shoot and be a bush disguise so I can
kill people from the other team and my family would like my to win the war
after 20 minute we heard people shooting  then we went to get our bush
disguise and gun and we camped and sniped the bad guy when I shot I
got one on the head and he died then my bullet ran out and I had know
more so In  got my knife and run and killed the people and then we won the
war then we went back home stayed there for one year.

Dear miss Parrant

From Tevita

research presentation